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3M Marine Acryl Putty White
● White acrylic putty, ideal for levelling imperfections, scratches and abras... Leer más »
3M Adhesive tape anti skid
● Anti-skid adhesive tape, provides an antiskid surface on all type of b... Leer más »
3M Scotch tape 23
● Self-amalgamating insulating tape, ideal for terminals, joints, cable re-co... Leer más »
3M Masking films rolls
● High-density non porous film rolls for masking and protection during painti... Leer más »
3M Double sided extra strong adhesive tape
● High adhesive properties and long life. Suitable to fix heavy objects on un... Leer más »
3M Dual lock tape
● Flexible open-close self-adhesive fastening systems fitted with two strips ... Leer más »
3M Marine Metal Restorer and Polish
  ● Removes traces of rust, corrosion, and tarnishing caused by stainless s... Leer más »
3M Protective Polish for Dinghies and Vinyl
  ● Cleans, conditions and protects rubber parts on boats, ideal fo... Leer más »
3M Cleaner Restorer for Acrylic Plastic
  ● It cleans, polishes and protects acrylic plastic surfaces, it c... Leer más »
3M Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax
  ● Protective wax, protects and shines gelcoats and painted fiberglass sur... Leer más »
3M Sandpaper
● Use a mineral aluminum oxide and a support role improved resulting in a bet... Leer más »
3M Sandpaper Roll
● Rolls with a layer of aluminum oxide and resin and a support adhesive ● Ca... Leer más »
3M Quick Dry Adhesive Sealant 5200
● Extremely strong, it maintains its strength inside and outside the water. I... Leer más »
3M Quick Dry Adhesive Sealant 4200
● Polyurethane commonly used and a single component which reacts chemically w... Leer más »
3M Perfect It Boat Wash 473ml
● High-sudsing formula is also gentle enough to clean without stripping wax. ... Leer más »
3M High Performance Yellow Cleaning Cloth
● Micro scratches free removal of polish residues● Ultra absorbent ​● Measure... Leer más »
3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner 1L
● 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner is designed to remove adhesives, silico... Leer más »
3M Green Performance Masking Tape 233
● Exceptional adhesion to both metal and rubber and plastics.● High resistanc... Leer más »
3M Scotch Blue Masking Tape 2090
● ScotchBlue Painter Tape for various surfaces is very easy to use.● It can d... Leer más »
3M Scotch Removable American Tape 4103
● Removable, leaves no traces of adhesive. ● It can be replaced even after 6... Leer más »
3M Vinyl Tape 764i
● 764 General purpose vinyl tape, conformable and good instant adhesion● Resi... Leer más »
3M Scotchlok Connector 314
● Scotchlok connectors on special anti-humidity connectors for irrigation and... Leer más »
3M Scotch 1625 Electrical Contact Cleaner 400ml
● The Scotch 1625 contact cleaner dissolves dirt, light oxide layers and impu... Leer más »
3M Stainless Steel Cleaner 600ml
● Spray cleaner suitable for polishing and protecting in one operation ● Vol... Leer más »
3M Double Face Adhesive Tape 9087
● 9087 high-performance double-sided adhesive tapes have high adhesion to pee... Leer más »
3M Silicone Lubricant Scotch 1609 400 ml
● The 1609 is a 400ml Silicone Spray, general use product for preventative ma... Leer más »
3M Perfect It Boat Wash 946ml
● High-sudsing formula is also gentle enough to clean without stripping wax. ... Leer más »
3M Hookit Flexible Sanding Disc 150mm
● Offers high flexibility and conformability● Premium quality delivers unifor... Leer más »
3M Trizact Finishing Disc 150mm
● This unique product, using proven technology, has been specially developed ... Leer más »

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