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Here are all the questions and answers you need about boat insurance:


What law requires the procurement of insurance for pleasure craft?
Compulsory insurance for pleasure craft is regulated by Royal Decree 607/1999 of April 16, 1999. 
What vessels are required to take out liability insurance?
All those under engine power, even personal watercraft. The boats are not powered motor, must ensure only those with more than 6 meters. It is mandatory to ensure foreign vessels sailing in Spanish waters.
I can hire only compulsory insurance?
You can hire only the coverage that makes compulsory insurance, which consist primarily of compensation for damage caused to others whether personal or material.
Who hires the insurance?
The policyholder is the person who contracts for insurance and agrees to pay the premium. The Insured is the person itself, or your boat is exposed to risk and, therefore, covered by insurance. The policyholder and the insured can be the same person or entity.
How long is the insurance?
Annual insurance usually extended, ie the validity of the contract is for a period of one year from the date of effect (or entry into force) and shall be automatically extended every year. In some cases it may be temporary, in this case the validity of the contract is for the time period stipulated, always less than a year. Arrival date of maturity, not automatically extended.
Do dinghies must have compulsory insurance?
If the boat has no motor and its length is less than 6 m., Spanish law does not require the procurement of insurance, however these boats and their occupants are exposed to cause damage to other boats or people so it is advisable prevent these risks and insurance.
Does the insurance cover towing the boat?
Only in the event of an accident under the insurance coverage may cover the cost of salvage of the vessel and occupants to the limit of the value of the boat. Optionally can be arranged as additional security costs of the trailer to the nearest port where the boat is disabled to navigate your own (provided that the cause is not lack of fuel).
Is it possible to ensure water skiing?
The damage caused by the skier or the tow cable can be covered by insurance if the practice is not the purpose of operating a business.
Does R.C. comply with the mandatory set by the Regulations for pleasure craft
Yes, coverage is governed according to the limits, terms and conditions established by Royal Decree 607/1999, of April 16, which approves the Regulation of Insurance Underwriting Liability Compulsory for vessels for pleasure or sports and according to regulations in the Law 27/1992 of the State Ports and Merchant Marine, in Article 78.
What guarantees own damage is covered the towing?
Yes, because spending is seen as rescuing the reasonable cost of towing operations from the stricken vessel.
I can assure my boat while also rent it to someone else?
This product can cover charter boats used either with or without crew.
You want to insure your boat?
 To insure your boat you can get in touch with . Telf: 91 515 99 70  
Calle Begonia, 26, 28109 Alcobendas - MADRID. seguros@ricle.es

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