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We are sorry, but this product is discontinued and will not be available for purchase again.
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Mercury 365 XS Heavy Duty + Mercury F 20 M

Ref.: 365XSHD+ F 20 M
  Mercury 365 XS Heavy Duty (Detachable Aluminum Floor)    Mercury Inflatables are made Maku M...


Mercury 365 XS Heavy Duty (Detachable Aluminum Floor)
 Mercury Inflatables are made Maku Mehler, a fabric of long life and excellent resistance to UV, cuts, abrasions and tear. This fabric also ensures maximum resistance to high temperature, moisture and dirt.
 Mercury Inflatables offer one of the best warranties in the business, including five years on the fabric and seams Haku air holding thermowelded, as a sign of their commitment to quality.
 Mercury applied heat sealing technique exclusive to assemble Haku PVC fabric tubing. This process combines fusion welding with high-pressure fixing tapes internal / external double, and is used for assembling the various parts of the tubes with welds stronger than the material itself. The wands are folded on the outside of the tube.
 The combined subject to the oars and out gives a sleek and clean. Mounted davits swim platform are easy to assemble.
 As protection against impact and wear, all transoms are waterproof and are made from two sheets ABS that ensure durability compared to traditional plywood mirrors. Transoms are also equipped with pad and plate for mounting the outboard and a cap to avoid knocks when rigging the boat. Includes stainless steel rings transoms for waterskiing, wakeboarding or tubing drag.
 All models feature stories XS XS. They are incredibly resistant aluminum floor, perfect for the most demanding applications or extensive use.
● New bow handles
Additional handles inside the tube provide a more secure grip, plus additional fastening points.
● Polyester Seats
All Mercury models have very resistant polyester seats.
● Drain Plug
With the drain valve interior, there is no need to lean over and look transom with engine valve blocking your way
● New lifting handles
The boats are equipped with new and modern handles can also be used as a holder for the Cape.
● New system holding the oars
The fastening system is designed oars for rowing can be fixed in a simple and secure.
● Inflatable keel
Includes an inflatable keel under the floor that improves performance
● Double Knit drop rubstake
The double drop rubstake tissue helps reduce splashing and gives the boat greater shock resistance.
● Includes inflation pump serial QS Double Action (+ repair kit), pressure gauge pump, seat and carry bag for the boat.
Technical Specifications:
CE Design Category C
Packing dimensions 128 x 62 x 35 cm
Maximum load 750 kg
Maximum power 25 hp
Short drive shaft
Max motor 85 Kg
Max No. persons 6
Air Chambers 3 + keel
Length 365 cm
Manga 175 cm
Tube diameter 46 cm
Weight (incl. rowing) 100 Kg
♦ D ring stainless steel
♦ Reinforced and slip tube
♦ Flat XS exceptionally resistant aluminum
♦ Boat red tube easy to spot. Used for rescue or coastguard are also ideal for divers and fishermen, as they can be easily spotted at sea
♦ designed with new subsequent cones that reduce the length of the vessel interior space while maintaining the same
Mercury Outboard Motor Short Shaft F 20 M
♦ 4 Stroke Outboard Motor 20 hp.
♦ Reliability
 The overhead camshaft facilitates smooth, quiet and efficient
 The exhaust through the propeller reduces operating noise
 The engine of this exclusive silemblocks minimize vibrations
 The accelerator pump ensures rapid response
♦ Performance
 The decompression system for manual start models is standard in both manual and electric starter, to safety in the event of a low battery
 The 11 amp alternator charge the battery quickly and keeps it ready for use
 The priming system idle control and allows easy and fast starting in all conditions
 The double water inlet ensures sufficient flow for cooling of the engine
 The idle speed button allows speed without gear is engaged
♦ Quality of Operation
 Is certified according to all international standards
 The multi-function tiller handle controls shift, steering, throttle, trim and engine stop
 The motor can tilt and reduced size allows for storage. Insurance is available in high position.
♦ Technology
 Insurance reverse gear is automatically set to the back. No need to activate another lever in different
 The position of navigation in shallow water allows safe navigation in coastal waters
 Assisted tilting system allows the engine tilt with the touch of a button
 A front lever to calibrate the steering friction
 Available with manual or electric trim
 Available in electric or manual start and manual
 Standard shaft length of 15 "and 20"
Maximum RPM
2 (on-line)
Manual or electric
Gear Ratio
Tiller or remote
Intake system
2-valve cylinder heads camshaft driven by
Height (mm)
Fuel tank
12 liters


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