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Sportsstuff Trampoline Funstation 12
Sportsstuff Trampoline Funstation 12
● Inflation is easy with its single chamber design, and the attachable boarding platform makes it a cinch to climb on board from the water! The included sea-anchor system keeps the trampoline stable as you bounce and lounge on this larger than life inflatable. Big time fun is yours! ● large bouncing surface ● heavy-gauge PVC bladder ● molded handles ● Inflated Length:12 foot (365cm) diameter ● ... Read more »
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ORB Airhead
ORB Airhead
Are you frustrated that your tube rope is stuck in the wake all the time? AIRHEAD ORB keeps your tube tow rope out of the water and the wake so the tube responds instantly to the boat’s change of direction, as it’s meant to do. ORB is an absolute necessity to efectively tow tubes from a boat with a low tow point on the transom. It enhances safety and extends the tube’s life because it virtually... Read more »
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