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General Policy

These general conditions of contract are applicable to all commercial transactions made on our Website www.francobordo.com (hereinafter FRANCOBORDO) domain that holds to FRANCOBORDO ARTÍCULOS NÁUTICOS, S.L.

Full details are as follows:


 Francobordo Artículos Náuticos, S. L.
Calle San Rafael 8
28108 Alcobendas
Tel.: 91 652 88 58
E-mail: info@francobordo.com C.I.F.: B-82.574.690. Registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, Volume 15,021, Folio 95, Section 8, Sheet M-250503, Inscription 2ª.



Orders and prices:


Payment Methods:



You can pay your purchases through a bank transfer or deposit for FRANCOBORDO to one of the following accounts:


BANKIA: ES95-2038-2475-9460-0041-0561



To expedite the process do not forget to order the number of observations. You can send the voucher by mail to info@francobordo.com or by fax to the nº 91 654 56 36.
If payment is not made within 5 working days after the order is placed, this may be canceled.



You can pay your order by credit card payments for it must provide the following information:

- Card Nº. 16-digit number.
- Date of Expiry. Format mm/aa
- CCV Number (Credit Card Vertification). 3-digit number you found on the back of the card, in the signature panel.
- CES code (Secure Electronic Commerce).

In the process of payment you will be redirected to the bank's payment platform that will be directly make the payment on your credit card will be. Do not forget to our website once the payment process.

This code/password/PIN/security firm is called in different ways depending on the bank. On this website we will refer to this term as "Security Code CES" or "CES Code". Only customers with CES Code issued by his bank card payments may be made in our platform. This is because we work with the system involving maximum security and order this Code CES trade ensures customer security and anti-fraud 100%.
If the client does not have the CSS code for your card, you can apply to your bank through a simple process.

Secure Electronic Commerce Information:

• Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Bank (BBVA)
• Santander Central Hispano Bank (BSCH)
• Sabadell Atlántico Bank
• La Caixa

Francobordo manages credit card charges through Banco Sabadell, through its payment gateway secure trade. All data provided for this purpose is encrypted to ensure maximum safety at all times.



You can pay your order by phone card payment. Once you place an order you must call FRANCOBORDO to the telephone number 91 652 88 58 and Francobordo will send you a link to provide the following information:

- Card Nº. 16-digit number.
- Date of Expiry. Format mm/aa
CCV number.



In this method of payment FRANCOBORDO you can apply a surcharge of 3% with a minimum of € 1.95 for the total purchase, regardless of the order. The order will be sent to the attention of the holder of the payment and the shipping address provided by Paypal.



[list_title]Shipping costs and customs charges:[/list_title]

  • Deliveries will be prepaid in the Peninsula, Balearic Islands and Portugal from € 200 purchase with the following conditions:
    • You can not exceed 70 kg of actual or volumetric weight.
    • For shipments with free shipping promotion FRANCOBORDO choose the means of shipment will be delivered to Post Office or Kiala Point close to the customer's home..
    • Should return the product / s, the amount of the return of the product to our store request will be deducted shipping costs that will eventually be bonificaron for orders with free shipping promotion.
  • For orders not exceeding € 200 purchase Penisula and Baleares will be charged when ordering a concept of freight, according to the volumetric weight of the order. The customer can choose the shipping method among all available on our website and customer whose amounts will be provided before the end of your order:
  • For shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, or being sent outside the European Union, the customer will pay the costs for the DUA, the entry customs clearance and local taxes (IGIC, ...)
  • Orders can be sent by the following means:


[list_backgr background="#e7f8ff" padding="17px 27px 17px 30px"]


Delivery Time peninsula 1-3 working days..
Shipping time to Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla 7 to 15 business days.

If after this time the package has not been properly delivered by Correos, will process claims due for delivery to occur as soon as possible.

Attention: if you decide to choose this shipping method, it is imperative that we indicate as much detail as possible their data delivery address. Should Correos consider invalid delivery address will proceed to return the package to the sender without the possibility of new delivery, extending the delivery and transport costs doubled to a new shipment.
If the recipient is not at the time the postman pass to deliver the package, it will leave a note for that from the next day and for 9 days you can go to pick up the package at the post office assigned in note on the way.

If the customer has chosen collection in post office you will be contacted by the Post, by SMS to your mobile phone, parcel arrival to the office so you can pick it up. The collection in the Post Office must be done before 10 days or return the package to Post freeboard incurring new shipping. 



Delivery 24-48. (Penisula and Baleares), counting from the departure of our warehouses. For shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or outside Spain please consult freeboard term. The transportation agency will deliver the package from 8:00 to 20: 00h on weekdays and is not obliged to call or warn the customer in advance of the delivery schedule. If the client is not in the address provided at the time of delivery agency it is not required to leave any notice and attempt to cast on a different day.
In both cases it provides the customer the tracking number of your package and the web or telephone contact the agency or mail page to track the same or learn directly about the day and approximate time of delivery.


Kiala pick-up point (for Spain only):

Only in Spain and Peninsula and Balearic Islands, the customer can select a Kiala point for freeboard and send the package to be picked up by the customer. You will be sent an email to the customer with the package tracking number so you can track through the Kiala website. The package must be picked up within a maximum period of 15 days past which the package will be returned to the store FRANCOBORDO and customer will be deducted expenses return.



Garantías y Política de devolucionesWarranties and Return Policy:

In order to make the return of order is a must fulfill the following conditions:

. The withdrawal should take place within fourteen calendar days from delivery.

. The product must be in perfect condition and show no signs of having been used (provided it does not go beyond the mere verification of the condition and operation thereof). Must retain its original packaging without damaging including protective plastic covers cork, if it is not returned in the same original packaging good suffer depreciation. packaging deteriorated will be considered who this friction, blemishes, bumps, folds, graffiti, stickers or outside the product manufacturer stickers. It is your responsibility to pack the product so that the product or the original packaging of the same can be damaged during transport back to the store FRANCOBORDO.

. The product must be accompanied by all accessories and accessories and must present in the outer carton visibly return number assigned or incident FRANCOBORDO.

- Shipping the product to the store Francobordo:

- They may not be returned the following products:

- In case of:

 No orders may be canceled or returned those whose products appear indicated as:  






How do we obtain your personal data?

We collect your personal data on different occasions:

- Every time you contact us directly, for example through the website www.francobordo.com or through telephone customer service lines, to request information about our products and services.

- When you create a customer account or buy a product on our website.

- When you participate in our marketing campaigns, for example, by filling in your email in the box to sign up for the newsletter.

The products and services of Francobordo Artículos Náuticos S.L., as well as its promotional campaigns, are directed and thought mostly for adults. In this regard, we will only collect and process your personal data if you are at least 16 years old. Francobordo Artículos Náuticos S.L. reserves the possibility of verifying the age of the people who provide personal data. Any data of a child under 16 years old will be eliminated.

We would appreciate it if you could help us keep your personal information updated by informing us of any changes in your contact information or preferences.

What information can we obtain about you?

Through the different services and contact channels described in this Privacy Policy, you can collect the following types of data about you:

Contact Information: Name, address, telephone numbers, email.

Preferences: information that you provide us about your preferences, for example, the type of products purchased.
Use of the web and communications how you use our website; if you open or forward our messages; as well as information collected through cookies and other tracking technologies.

Cookies Policy

In accordance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, through this Cookies Policy Francobordo Artículos Náuticos, S.L. informs you that your website www.francobordo.com or any other denomination that you may have in the future (hereinafter, the "Website") uses cookies, computer files that are stored on your computer during your browsing and that usually contain a number that allows you to identify your computer

As a general rule, there are the following types of cookies:

Depending on its expiration:

Session: Expires at the end of the session.

Persistence: They do not expire at the end of the session.

Depending on its origin:

Origin: Enabled by the website you browse.

Third parties. They come from other websites.

The purposes for which Francobordo Artículos Náuticos S.L uses cookies on the Website can be summarized, generally, as follows:

1. Analytical cookies

They are used to collect user activity statistics. Among others, the number of users visiting the Website, the number of pages visited, as well as the activity of users on the Website and their frequency of use are analyzed.

2. Authentication cookies

They are used by the Website for the maintenance of the user's session during each visit, being dominant in private environments of the Website that require a user and password for access.

The use of cookies has an effect on your privacy, since as a general rule it allows you to relate your content to the IP address of connection and other personal data related to you, such as those provided voluntarily.

Depending on each case, the aforementioned cookies used by Francobordo Artículos Náuticos S.L may be session or persistent and own or third parties. These circumstances, among others, will determine the need to obtain or not your consent for the use of said cookies.

By accepting this Cookies Policy, you are accepting the generation of cookies for the purposes mentioned above, in those cases in which such consent is accurate.

However, the foregoing, in case you wish to subsequently delete cookies that have been stored on your computer and that necessarily require your consent, you can do so using the tools provided by your browser for such purposes. In this sense, you can find additional information through the following links:

Firefox: http://support.mozilla.org/es/home

Internet Explorer: http://support.microsoft.com/ph/807/es-es

Safari: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1677?viewlocale=en_US

Opera: http://help.opera.com/Windows/8.54/es-ES/index.html

If you do not accept cookies or reject them later, the functionality of the Website may be diminished.

Sales information

information about purchases made on the web, as well as complaints and claims.

Customer Service, promotions and advertising - to answer queries and present offers and news

Francobordo Artículos Náuticos S.L collects your contact information, information about your preferences and data on the use of the websites and communications; You can also use information about sales and services that you have provided through the web to determine those offers and news that may be more interesting and to contact you in relation to these offers, based on your marketing preferences ( and that you can modify through the web portals). Francobordo Artículos Náuticos S.L can share this information with companies specialized in analytics to track their requests and present more specific offers.

The treatments related to promotions and advertising are only carried out when you have consented to them.

Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations - to comply with our legal obligations to comply with the information requirements of both judicial bodies, regulatory bodies and supervisors and state security forces and bodies

All those responsible for data processing are subject to the laws of the countries in which they carry out their activity, and are obliged to comply with them. These obligations include the delivery, in certain circumstances, of personal data to judicial bodies, regulatory bodies or supervisors, and state security forces and bodies. These data treatments are based on the existence for Francobordo Artículos Náuticos S.L of a legal obligation to collaborate with such organizations.

How do we keep your data protected?

To ensure protection and maintain the security, integrity and availability of your data, we use various security measures.

Although in the transmissions of data through the Internet or from a website it is not possible to guarantee an absolute protection against intrusions, we, our subcontractors and business partners devote the maximum efforts to maintain the physical, electronic and procedural protection measures with the which guarantee the protection of your data in accordance with the legal requirements applicable in this matter. The measures we use include the following:

- limit the access to your data only to those people who should know them in attention to the tasks they perform;

- As a general rule, transfer the collected data in encrypted format;

- store the most sensitive data (such as credit card data) only in encrypted format;

- install perimeter protection systems of computer infrastructures ("firewalls") to prevent unauthorized access, for example "hackers", and

- habitually monitor access to computer systems to detect and stop any improper use of personal data.

In those cases in which we have provided you (or you have chosen) a password that allows you to access certain parts of our websites or any other portal, application or service under our control, you are responsible for keeping it secret and for all the other security procedures that we notify you. You will not be able to share your password with anyone.


How long do we keep your data?

Your personal data will be kept for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected. If your data is used for various purposes that require us to keep them for different periods, we will apply the longest conservation period.

In any case, we limit access to your data only to those people who need to use it to perform their functions.

Our data retention periods are based on business needs, so in relation to those personal data that are no longer necessary either access to them will be limited to compliance with strictly legal obligations or they will be destroyed in a secure manner.

Marketing purposes: Regarding the use of your information for marketing purposes, we will retain that information for that purpose during the five years following the date we last obtained your authorization to send you marketing communications, unless you request that we exclude you from them by revoking the consent given.

Purposes related to the execution of a contract: as regards the use of your information for the management of any contractual obligation that we have with you, we will keep this data during the term of the contract and during the following ten years, in order to attend to possible queries or subsequent claims.

Purposes related to the fulfillment of legal and regulatory obligations: certain information must be maintained during the periods required by the specific regulations that result from application (fiscal, mercantile, money laundering, etc.).

With whom can we share your information and how do we protect it?

Francobordo Artículos Náuticos S.L relies on various service providers to offer the aforementioned products and services. Among others, we must communicate your details of name, address, telephone number and order amount to our logistics partners, to deliver your order to your home, to the payment entities attached to our service, and to our agency to make the declarations of taxes before the competent authorities.

Although in the transmissions of data through the Internet or from a website it is not possible to guarantee absolute protection against intrusions, we, our subcontractors and business partners make every effort to maintain the physical, electronic and procedural protection measures necessary to guarantee the protection of your information in accordance with the applicable requirements in terms of data protection.

All your data is stored on secure servers (or secure physical copies) of our property or of our subcontractors or business partners, and to access and use them our security criteria and policies (or other equivalent of our subcontractors or partners) apply. of business).

How to view and change your preferences in the Client Panel of the website

You can change your preferences regarding your information through the settings of your account.

How to contact us, what are your rights to protect your data and your right to file claims with the data protection authority

You can contact the Data Protection Delegate at the address indicated here:

DPD contact:

Ms. Marta Carrasco

Tel .: +34916528858

Email: info@francobordo.com

We remind you that you have the right to request:

- more details about the use we make of your information,

- a copy of the information you have given us,

- correct inaccuracies in the information we maintain,

- delete information for whose use we no longer have legal basis,

- revoke your consent to the processing of your data for these purposes, in cases where the processing of data is conditioned on consent, as well as for any direct marketing communication,

- oppose any processing of your data -including the profiling- that takes as legal basis the legitimate interest, unless our reasons for carrying out such treatment compensate any possible damage to your data protection rights,

- restrict the way we use your information while a claim is being investigated.

The exercise of these rights is subject to certain exceptions for reasons of general interest (for example, the prevention or detection of crimes) and for our own interests (for example, the maintenance of the confidentiality of legal advice). If you exercise any of these rights, we will verify that you are really entitled to do so, and we will respond to you within a month or within the maximum period provided for in Spanish legislation, if this is lower.

If you are not satisfied with the way we use your information or with our response to the exercise of any of these rights, you can file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (www.agpd.es).

Contact details of the company and the Data Protection Delegate

If you have any questions about the use we make of your personal data, you can contact our data protection delegate at any time:

DPD contact:

Ms. Marta Carrasco

Tel .: +34916528858

Email: info@francobordo.com

Legal basis for the processing of personal data

The use of your data in the conditions described above is allowed by European and Spanish data protection regulations in accordance with the following legal bases:

- You have expressed your consent (you have been presented with a consent form to authorize the processing of your data for certain purposes, you can revoke the consent given at all times);

- The processing of your data is necessary for the management and maintenance of a contract subscribed with you;

- The processing of your data is necessary to comply with our legal obligations;

- We use your data to obtain a legitimate interest and our reasons for doing so compensate the possible damages for your rights to the protection of your data;

There may be purposes that are permitted under other legal bases; In such cases, we will do everything possible to identify the legal basis in question and communicate it as soon as possible as soon as we become aware of its existence.

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